Quotes from satisfied Radiator users - all real people with real authentication needs solved by Radiator.


"Let me take the opportunity to express our satisfaction with Radiator, we really enjoy the flexibility of the product and are most happy with the response from your support department!"
Johannes Hassmund, Linköping University, Sweden

"The Radiator team does it right; excellent software, clear documentation, and top-notch support all at a sane price. This is how for-profit software should work and differentiate from freeware. Well done!"
Kyle Johnson, Integrated Broadband Services, USA

"Best Regards and thanks a lot for RADIATOR! Superb software, perfect service!"
Karl Gaissmaier, Universität Ulm, Germany

"After 8 years working with Radiator, I have to say I haven´t seen an AAA scenario that it can´t handle:
- High performance: lots of auth/acct requests per second with proxy_radius/server_radius architecture and server farm capabilities.
- Integration of multiple ISPs with different requirements on international roaming scenarios: security, pap, chap, radius attributes manipulation, per-ISP radius health checks, etc.
- Radius over tcp or sctp (Radsec).... what to say: if you have to communicate Radius proxies through the Internet, you would love to have some security and reliability.
- Disclosure services: it is always a pain to handle several gigabytes of logs, but Radiator helps a lot with this.... different formats and details of logs, storage in local files, syslog, databases... or just modify the logs on real time before storing it.
- Easily customizable: Radiator lets you add perl code in a smart way, without reducing the platform performance.
- Great debug logs and statistics for troubleshooting and performance analysis.
- Development: just have a look to the releases history... the Radiator guys don't stop making their software compatible with the lastest technology.
- Having professional support is also critical for my company.
After 12 years of development, Radiator is for me the best Radius server. Not free, but value for money for sure."
Gonzalo Bécares, Mind the Bit, UK

"The new Radiator RADIUS implementation at Monash University ... can now handle the morning point authentication loads, is capable of being easily scaled in the future through the increase of servers to the farm and additional EAP types are now supported." (See News for more details)
Myles Fenton, Project Manager, Network Infrastructure Services, Monash University, Australia

"We had to integrate a hotspot with a proprietary hotel PMS and RADIATOR saved the day once again :-)" (See News for more technical details)
Andrea Coppini, AIR Networks, Malta

"Radiator is second to none when it comes to RADIUS servers, period. Of all the Radius Servers I ever evaluated (FreeRADIUS, Steel-Belted Radius, IAS, and much more), Radiator quickly turned out to be the best. Radiator runs on almost every OS known to man (or at least everywhere perl runs), is easy and fast to configure and extremely well documented, and there are boatloads of plugins for almost every intended purpose. Keep up the good work guys!"
Thomas Heuberger, Geological Survey of Austria

"Vodafone Portugal is very happy with Radiator and strongly recommends any operator to use it!" 
José Borges Ferreira, Vodafone Portugal

"Callforeign is very happy with radiator and it is highly recommended. We have it handling our retail as well as wholesale traffic. The flexibility of radiator enables me to design any kind of authentication and billing schemes based on our and our reseller requirements. Its a must if any carrier wants complete control and customization over their billing."
Shashi Dahal, Technical Director, CallForeign, Singapore

"We own the iBurst network (mobile broadband in Australia) and have been using Radiator for Authentication and Accounting quite extensively. Radiator is a very good application, very flexible and easy to integrate. It's good to see there's always more development going into it. All the best." 
Matt Lohier
, Principal Software Engineer, Personal Broadband, Australia.

"Radiator is incredibly flexible and complete. Very stable product with support for a wide range of authentication types. I would highly recommend Radiator to anyone looking to implement a RADIUS solution." 

"It's pretty easy to say good things when your product is so flexible and works so well." 
Eric Bonn 
Portland State University.

"I believe that your solution offers our team an easy and flexible solution to take out on the road to promote eduroam." 
James Sankar
, Director, Applications & Services, AARNet, Australia

"We (Arch Red) chose Radiator as our RADIUS server component because of its excellent interoperability and feature set as well as its exemplary support and flexibility to be adapted and connected to various different authentication systems and environments." 
Karri Huhtanen, CTO, Arch Red Oy, Finland.

Radiator is great. Having worked with Radiator for over 7 years, I can honestly say that I love the product. I have used Radiator for solutions from 1000 basic dialup users, to 300k+ subscriber ISP.
Beyond what other comments already said, I want to add:
* Radiator has beautiful code - I actually used its source code to improve my Perl programming skills.
* Radiator developers accept patches and improvements from individual contributors. So if you patch/feature can contribute to others - it may become officially maintained (saves a ton of time/effort during upgrades)
* Rapid development and implementation of new features - new authentication scheme can be implemented and tested in a matter of hours.

Valentin Tumarkin - www.taldor.co.il

I think you have the best RADIUS product and the support is fabulous.
Elon Alonza Richards - www.caribsurf.com

"Radiator is, far and away, the best RADIUS server out there. I've tried several RADIUS servers in the past, both commercial and non-commercial, and Radiator beats them all hands down. Support for just about every authentication mechanism you can think of, excellent logging capability, and top notch support."
Paul Kiely - www.monitor.com

"What can i say, this is the absolutely best radiusserver on the market. Every penny is well spent. Of course i was very sceptic in the beginning because it was running under perl. But all i can say here is never underestimate perl. But once again perl shows its power. With Osc's products you will have a superb authenticsystem, with the freedom that comes with that is almost running on any flavour. And if you enter problems you will get the very best support from their supportteam, take their job very seriously. Dont spend lots of time and money finding a radiuserver that shall serve your needs, i can almost bet that OSC's radius (Radiator) already do it for you. I really recommend this product."

"I can only say this to quote a beer commercial with some minor changes.
Radiator probably the best radius server in the world.

A very very satisfied customer of some of OSC's products"

Haakan Olofsson - www.tele2.com

"Radiator is by far the best RADIUS server around. It has a huge range of plug in modules, and it can be configured to do almost anything you can imagine. And the support is absolutely the best anywhere.

We have used it on a number of projects, and it is completely reliable. Its easy to configure and works with any database on any platform you may want. We have used to it solve a number of difficult authentication needs that no other RADIUS server could come close to.

Don't waste your time with any other commercial or free RADIUS server. I cant recommend Radiator highly enough. Great work guys!"
Chris Stevens

"When I started working at a site that had lots of wireless AP's, I heard about Radiator for the first time. On that site they had tried for quite a while to get another Radius server going with little success. When somebody came up with 'let's use Radiator', everything went much faster all of a sudden.

Since then, I've been working on a project called 'UserTracking' which works pretty closely together with Radiator. It works like a charm, but what's much more important is the outstanding support that Mike and Hugh give on their mailing list.I've hardly seen any question go by that remained unanswered, except in some cases where the poster was kindly asked if they had licensed Radiator.

That's right, Radiator is not 'free', but it is [full] source. You get full disclosure on the (Perl) sourcecode, which makes it incredibly flexible. Great product."
Fred Leeflang - www.3dn.nl/

"Radiator is a wonderful product and the setup process was almost too easy. The configuration options are clear, flexible and powerful. Just wanted to drop you a note that it's one of the most powerful yet easy to configure RADIUS servers I have ever encountered. All the support files (/goodies) and script tools are complete and easy to use. Overall I had a wonderful experience with your product."
Peter Cheng - www.elta.com.tw

"Radiator #1 - Bar none. Radiator is always my first and only recommendation when a Radius server is required. Simply the best solution available, and, I dare say, possible."
Gordon Lugauer - www.badgerclaw.com

"I just want to add that I am a huge fan of Radiator - I have never been able to find anything that I cant do with it and the support you provide everyone on the mailing list with is exceptional. We replaced our previous (very expensive) Radius product on our 10 Radius servers with Radiator a couple of years ago and we have never looked back. In short, I believe Radiator is the best Radius server on the market !"
Chris Cronje - www.mweb.co.za

"In advance, I'm sorry if this sounds like a commercial for the Radiator radius server. We use the aforementioned super amazing spectacular great... Product. I've never found something it couldn't do."
Ejay Hire - www.isdn.net

"Radiator is awesome. There aren't very many other software packages or companies out there that provide the compatibility with equipment, unending customisation and the awesome support structure that Radiator and OSC provide. I want to thank you for producing such a product. It has benefited my company and my staff immensely."
Sean Smithwww.redred.com

"As I see it Radiator has all that is needed to secure your WLAN! Radiator is the "Porsche" around the other Radius servers and the price is fair, that's what I like!"
Ralf Paffrathwww.dfn.de

"You're product is great. It's complex but it also outperforms everything else and I'd much rather have the open source ability to make changes and modifications to meet our needs/requirements than be locked into a closed source environment. Microsoft should take notes from you guys."
Jeff Tuttle - http://AllisonRoyce.com

"I would ask you to extend my compliments to the development team - I've used (and demonstrated the advantages) of Radiator for years now, and it's always been the easiest RADIUS server to integrate with _anything_ (and often the only one that could do what we needed"
Rui Carmo - the.taoofmac.com

"Flexibility is the key. No matter what are your RADIUS system requirements, Radiator does accomplish them all. Join to the fact that OSC has the best technical support I have ever seen on the net. You have a superb product. We are proud of distributing Radiator and recommend it to our customers"
Mariano Colmenarejo - www.eurocomercial.es

"I must thank you guys for an excellent product! Please keep up the good work"
Chris Hessing - www.open1x.org

"Love it... My favorite piece of software ever!!! Keep up the good work"
Nathan Alberti - www.globaldial.com

"It is a very powerful and flexible tool. Nice configuration files examples, nice manual, etc. In conclusion, excellent software."
Ricardo Javier Martinez Ogalde - www.redvoiss.net

"I am now a fan of Radiator. This can do a lot more than other solutions we have used."
Warren Smith - www.serverplus.com

"Great - it worked - the upgrade went smoothly. Thank you all for making such a superior product in every way. Feel free to use me as a reference or whatever!"
Adma Gerard - www.prism.net

"I like Radiator very much. It is like an example for the world how a piece of software can be developed. Its licensing is not like Microsoft's :). Its code is open, clean, stable, very flexible and readable. It's easy to write your custom hacks'n'hooks :) Its architecture is clear. It's easy to install. It runs on UNIX. Its documentation is complete for end user and even for developer. Its distribution is one of the best (no cdroms, etc). It's very helpful to keep touch with friendly developer team and with other users (mailing list). It feels very good when customer's patches are incorporated into the product :) I have a warm feeling like being a part of the team (oneness) and not feeling like with other products, where one has to communicate through salesman, etc (separatedness). It's great to see how quickly customer's suggestions are poured into the code. I (as an end user) never saw a better software development. I'm completely satisfied with it, I can do everything with it, even ... 'roast an egg' :)"
Ragnar Kurm - Uninet Data Communications Ltd www.uninet.ee

I am glad to say that Radiator has never once failed in the three or four years we have been using it. Your products rocks!
Brian Morris - www.netspeed.com.au

Radiator works great with Microsoft SQL servers and Cisco routers. We tested few other products which did not work. Big thanks to Radiator from Finland! -
Jani Lillberg - www.academica.fi

I _HIGHLY_ recommend radiator RADIUS. http://www.open.com.au/radiator/ It was the most feature rich package, came with source code, is very portable between platforms (written in Perl), and has worked flawlessly for us here. The setup was very simple, and it has one of the most complete and professionally done manuals I've seen for any package. The tech support is provided through their mailing list (not that you should even need it), and answers come very quick from the actual software developer. They are constantly working on any bug fixes and updates that anyone requests. After spending months looking, this package was a very pleasant surprise. And the best part? It was also the cheapest one... around US$600 for a single CPU license, or US$900 for the site license. I've been very happy with their product and have no reservations at all about recommending it to you. 
Rob Ehlers - www.innova.net

I want to take this time to personally thank you guys at OSC. Radiator by far blows away any other RADIUS server software on the market today. I've implemented large scale .... RADIUS servers in the past and I can't believe how much Radiator makes .... look like a worthless piece of junk. My hats off for creating the most flexible RADIUS server on the market today. Your support has been great... Keep up the good work!
Robert Blayzor - www.inoc.net

This is my personal opinion and I am sure others will have them as well but we are using a product called Radiator. It is an excellent radius server that runs on NT and Unix. The URL is http://www.open.com.au it interfaces with Platypus extremely well both for serving up radius requests and also inserting the accounting right in to the platypus database. It has extremely good flexibility and functionality. I would recommend it to anyone out there. We have approx. 15,000 active users and both Radiator and MS SQL loaf with these two products. 
Robert Mann - www.lightspeed.net

It is a DREAM! I can't believe how easy it is to do things that used to take me hours to program.
Stephen Roderick - www.proaxis.com

By the way, Radiator is an awesome product! It was a snap to implement and it has worked very well so far!
Josh Ward - www.csuchico.edu

We have been using Radiator for the last year and half. Our NT based system constantly requires some sort of attention with the one big exception - Radiator. Once we got it up and connected it to our SQL database we have found it runs and runs ... with no problems!! The support has been great and you can tell Open Systems are seriously dedicated to the customer. This has been the best software investment we've made!! 
Michael Jaworski, Puget Sound Network, Inc.- www.psni.com

...radiator is working as advertised!!! We are extremely happy with the product. After messing around for 3 years of just about every radius product on the market, I can finally say we have found a solid solution in Radiator. I highly recommend this product to every ISP out there. 
Sean Rietze - www.rmci.net

Take a look at Radiator, Mike and Hugh are brilliant guys they helped me just the other day with this and it will not cost you an arm and a leg for the software.... It will intergrate directly with Platypus, plus if you need to something very custom you have the source code so you can hack it up if you need to do so. I'm not that fantastic at programming so I'm just using the standard Radiator, however I had a problem with routing "any call without a matching DNIS" the other day and the guys at radiator added a feature for me to be able to do that in 2 days and about 3 emails. If you need any help with Radiator and DNIS I'll help you on the Radiator mailing list if Mike and Hugh do not get in first. Radiator grows with you where other Radius servers seem to get stale and outdated much too quickly. 
Leigh Spiegel - 

Hi, You might want to look at Radiator (www.open.com.au). It integrates with plat, and can do just about anything you want ...
Charles Sprickman www.inch.com

Medium (600.000 customers ) ISP in Spain. One radiator 0 problems in 16 months. 0 problems. Several services arquitechted using radiator facilities. Several ISP's migrated pretty easily. The best radius server, of course. 
Gin�s G�mez www.es.tiscali.com

You just can't beat Radiator. The fact that you can add your own code to fit your needs makes the product 100 times better than anything else. As far as I am concerned.... Steel Belted and some others (Like Shiva Access Manager) don't come close to the potential power of Radiator.
Michael Audet - [email protected]

I want to state that I've never got such good and fast response from any software company or group, open or close, that, in fact has less delays in make repairments than those that I have installing and testing them.
Mariano Absatz - www.pert.com.ar

As an aside, let me complement you on your clean coding style; it makes it very easy read or change. That's why (....) we've decided to go ahead with this product; if I can maintain and modify it quickly and cheaply, it will pay for itself.
Phil Freed - www.cybertours.com

We are very happy with the products, and we find it both flexible and fast. 
Andrea Campi - www.planet.it

I've been really impressed with Radiator, I've had plenty of sleep lately and I can't seem to find anything that kills it.
Leigh Spiegel - www.winshop.com.au

It's the swiss army knife of RADIUS servers. 
Brian Feeny - www.shreve.net

... just want to thank you again for a wonderful product.. 
Kelly Prescott - www.wcoil.com

I would suggest you test out Radiator for yourself. You'll find that it is by far the best Radius product out there. 
Peter Chow - www.interq.or.jp

Thanks for all the help Mike, we are very impressed with the support and will happily tell anyone that. Its great to see an Aussie product in there too. Well done. 
Michael Strand - www.swtch.com.au

Your radiator product was the best purchase we have made in a long time, it has to be the best radius server on the market or in the public domain. 
Kevin Wormington - www.sofnet.com

Once again, can I just say how good it is to have an Australian product that works as well as Radiator, and has the great support that you offer. 
Anton Sparrius - www.smart.net.au

PS - Mike, so far I'm REALLY impressed by how well designed radiator is, and how flexible. Kudos!
Jay West - www.tseinc.com

... the radius server has passed it's first successful test (24 hours) and is proving to be a great product and I am extremely pleased to have purchased it. 
Paul Thornton - www.mtx.net.au

Radiator is extremely nice, and if you're handy with PERL you can add things to it and customize it as you see fit. Cistron Radius has also worked really well for me when purchasing a radius version was out of the question. But if features are what you want, you'll love Radiator. It's worth every penny from my experience. 
Joseph W. Shaw - www.insync.net

You can't go past Radiator and MySQL or mSQL. Radiator is -by far- the best radiusd -anywhere- -- It's written in perl, can authenticate off virtually anything, runs on everything, and talks to every terminal server known to mankind (almost 8-). 
Rob Thomas - www.rpi.net.au

Thanks again!! Great product, Great support!! Congratulations!! 
Jose Roberto Bulcao - www.rio.com.br

We use platypus, 3COM TC, and Radiator for radius. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It will even authenticate out of platypus if you are so inclined.. Radiator is awesome.. 
Allen Marsalis - www.shreve.net

Thank you very much for all the great support you have given me with Radiator. It has now been active for over 2 months and is proving to be a real winner. I would like to take this opportunity to say that you have a great product on offer and hope you have greater success with it in the future. 
Paul Thornton - www.mtx.net.au

Excellent! Thanks!! Radiator is an excellent product, and its support is even better! Congratulations! :-) 
Amilcar Silvestre - www.msinternet.com.br

I still view this as one of the best radius products I have ever seen. Keep up the good work! :-) 
Scott W. Adkins - http://technology.ohio.edu

Your radiator package seems to be flawless - We have IPASS/GRIC/UUNET running against it and also our national modempool without a hickup. 
Mikael Hugo - www.dataphone.net

A Big thank you to the Radiator team for this great product.

We've been using Radiator for our state-wide (Tennessee) dialin network for the past couple of months now. It seems that there is very little that Radiator is not capable of. :) 

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented Radiator on a new ISP here in Argentina. It was easy and fun to set up. Congratulations, it's a great product...!!!
Bruno Mattarollo - www.qaiasur.com.ar

Radiator is good too. it's commercial, but you get (perl) source code. very flexible. more features than you can poke a stick at. http://www.open.com.au/radiator/
Craig Sanders - www.taz.net.au

I have just joined XXXX, I was previously with XXXX where we had over 1 million radius accounts, I can't recall an occasion where Radiator caused us a service outage and it's amazing flexibility allowed us do some neat stuff using CLI but also to work around most of the numbers changing at the same time.It's a credit to your code and documentation that I never really needed much in the way of email support to do this. 
Neil McCallum - www.trivanti.com