RAdmin is a web-based RADIUS User Management package for Radiator RADIUS server. It allows you to add, remove and configure RADIUS users, check usage summaries, drill down to usage details, check modem usage and much more.

Works with any SQL database and any web browser on any Unix or PC platform.

Full source code.

RAdmin can optionally be used with Radiator and VASCO Digipass tokens to provide high security two-factor authentication for dialup, wired and wireless networks. Administrators can use RAdmin to import, allocate and administer VASCO Digipass tokens.

Read the Radiator Digipass Support white paper for more information.

RAdmin can also be used with Radiator and Yubikey tokens from Yubico. Yubikeys are inexpensive USB based one-time-password tokens. Administrators can use RAdmin to initilise, import, allocate and administer Yubikey tokens.


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