Radiator Features

Radiator is the highly flexible, configurable and extensible RADIUS server from Open System Consultants. Designed from the ground up to offer features and options not found in any other RADIUS server, it uses the latest Object Oriented technology to achieve superior reliability and flexibility.


With more than 20 different authentication methods available, and support for most Unix and PC platforms, Radiator is the RADIUS server for serious ISPs and carriers who want power and flexibility to meet the needs of their growing user base.

Radiator now supports more 802.1X secure wireless and LAN authentication methods than any other RADIUS server giving a wide choice of 802.1X network clients. Private server and client certificates for testing 802.1X authentication included.

For the busy ISP and network administrator, Radiator brings benefits like:

  • Secure reliable RADIUS proxying using RadSec
  • Acts as a Diameter to RADIUS gateway for NAS authentication and accounting
  • Smooth migration path from small to very large ISP's with no upgrade fees
  • Supports small and large virtual ISP and carrier systems
  • Works reliably in a huge range of environments
  • Easy modification to suit your special requirements: full source and extension API
  • Compliance with relevant standards
  • Quick to set up and low maintenance
  • Web based GUI for configuration and monitoring
  • Perpetual license and free access to new releases and patches for the first year (renewal annually)
  • Easy assimilation of new user populations from other ISPs during mergers and acquisitions - authenticate different realms in different ways
  • Easy migration from small to extremely large user populations: change your database type as your requirements change
  • Use standard tools like SNMP to monitor your server
  • Support for Radar monitoring for RADIUS enterprise management
  • Support for 802.1X wireless authentication
  • Interoperates with Coova - the open source captive portal for wireless hotspot managementn
  • Bundles with Arch Red Guest server for easy administration of temporary network access
  • Interoperates with XpressConnect Network Access Wizard 
  • Certified compatibility with MICROS-Fidelio Opera Property Management System



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