More Than 14 Years of Experience

Level9 Networks, a privately held UK limited company, has established a network of offices around the UK and has been trading for over 10 years.

Level9 is the European reseller for Radiator and other OSC products.

We provide solutions and consultancy to a variety of industry sectors.


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Radiator is fantastic. Having worked with Radiator for over 8 years I can only reiterate all of the positive comments about this product that have been made before me. Flexible, powerful, scalable and extensive. I had a recent problem with tacacs functionality and I was delivered a patch within 12 hours - what a turnaround and unheard of with any other product. Note that this is the only time I have found a bug. Normally I am seeking support to help me to understand alternatives and options that I have not yet explored.

A great product with very responsive support. Keep up the great work.


Radiator is second to none when it comes to RADIUS servers, period. Of all the Radius Servers I ever evaluated (FreeRADIUS, Steel-Belted Radius, IAS, and much more), Radiator quickly turned out to be the best. Radiator runs on almost every OS known to man (or at least everywhere perl runs), is easy and fast to configure and extremely well documented, and there are boatloads of plugins for almost every intended purpose.

Keep up the good work guys!"

Thomas Heuberger


Vodafone Portugal is very happy with Radiator and strongly recommends any operator to use it!


José Borges Ferreira